Seven Stages of Purification - A Vipassana Retreat with U Hla Myint

03/27/2020 05:00 PM - 04/04/2020 12:00 PM GMT-10:00


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Palolo Zen Center
2747 Waiomao Rd
Honolulu, HI 96816


Seven Stages of Purification - A Vipassana Retreat with U Hla Myint


The Seven Stages of Purification

Vipassana Meditation retreat with U Hla Myint

March 27-April 4, 2020

Palolo Zen Center

Honolulu, Hawai'i


"The Seven Stages of Purification"  are the stages that a vipassana yogi is to go through on his or her way to liberation from woes in saṃsāra.

Please join us for this intensive meditation retreat which will be held in noble silence with instructions, interviews, question and answers provided by our wonderful teacher. Yogis will learn sitting and walking meditation as well as mindfulness of all postures and activities throughout the day.


U Hla Myint trained from a young age in the Burmese monastic tradition, becoming an accomplished scholar and a meditation teacher before leaving the monastic life to be a husband and raise two children, now in their teens and twenties. His delightful, unassuming personality makes U Hla Myint’s presentation of the Theravada Buddhist teachings very practical and accessible, while at the same time students benefit from his deep mastery of both scholarship and practice.

During his 22 years of monastic training, U Hla Myint earned many degrees in Buddhist Studies and Pāli language, including the Ph.D. level Abhivaṃsa degree, and he became an assistant meditation instructor at Mahasi Meditation Center in Burma. After leaving the monastic life, U Hla Myint continued to be a close disciple, translator and teaching assistant of the late Sayadaw U Pandita. Under the sponsorship of Tathāgata Meditation Center (TMC), San Jose, California, he has translated numerous Burmese dhamma books and has authored many books such as Meditation Lectures, Conditional Relations in Daily Life, Pali Language Lessons for English readers, Great Observing Power, Abhidhamma for Meditators and others. Since 2000, he has also taught the Theravada Tradition to the students of Buddhist Studies Program in Bodh Gaya, India organized by Antioch College and Carleton College, Ohio, USA.


Teacher dana - In accordance with tradition, all Vipassana Hawai’i internationally respected teachers offer their guidance and teachings free of charge and are supported through the freely-offered generosity of students and supporters. Costs associated with retreats cover the expenses associated with food, lodging, and administration but not teacher time, training, effort, or energy. We believe that this commitment helps keep the purity of the teachings alive and thriving, as it has for millennia. They do not collect salaries in keeping with the time-honored tradition of sharing openly the chance for peace. This allows us to pass on our direct facility costs and keep our registration fees as low as possible. As a result, we strive to give back in monetary gratitude so that they may continue their endeavors and share their wisdom. 

Please note our Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel more than 45 days prior to the retreat: We will refund all fees less Administration/PayPal fees - usually $50.00 - $100.00
If you cancel 10 - 44 days prior to the retreat: We will refund all fees less $200.00. Cancellation insurance recommended.
If you cancel less than 14 days prior to the event: Unfortunately we cannot afford to offer a refund. Last-minute cancellations are costly and sometimes mean that others cannot attend the retreat.  

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